The Facts: CGN and Hudbay in Guatemala

The information that follows is drawn from Hudbay's court filings, the plaintiffs' court filings and transcripts from court proceedings.

Guatemala Lawsuits: Factors to Consider
Claims and Facts
Timeline: Events of Sept. 27, 2009
Fact book: Hudbay in Guatemala  August 2008-August 2011 
About Illegal Land Occupation

Between 2008 and 2011, Hudbay was the parent company of Compañía Guatemalteca de Níquel (CGN), which owns the Fenix ferro-nickel project in El Estor, Guatemala.   

As a result of alleged events there — some of which predate Hudbay having any stake in CGN — Hudbay is named in three civil lawsuits, against which it is now vigorously defending itself.

Based on extensive investigations, eyewitness reports and other information, Hudbay believes that the allegations are untrue and will be resolved in our favour at trial. Accordingly we have a responsibility to vigorously defend these allegations, even when made by people living in circumstances with which anyone would empathize.  

Armed with machetes, men begin blocking road access. September 27, 2009

While much has been said online and in the media, nothing has been proven in court. The allegations against Hudbay have been promoted in public using a deliberately constructed narrative that distorts facts about the alleged events and omits, minimizes or ignores crucial context.

The distortions and omissions include:

  • Conflating events that happened two years apart to appear as though they are connected to each other and to Hudbay, even though Hudbay’s holding in CGN took effect over a year after the first alleged events
  • Omitting context around the alleged events in El Estor on September 27, 2009, particularly armed attacks on the regional Governor and CGN security personnel
  • Implying Hudbay conducted evictions, which it has never done
  • Falsely characterizing Hudbay’s behaviour as evidence of a pattern of human rights and even environmental abuses
  • Failing to acknowledge a petition delivered by more than 3,000 individuals and 86 businesses from the El Estor community to Guatemalan government authorities in October 2009 condemning the September 27, 2009 and other violent attacks in the area and requesting that the Guatemalan government intervene to prevent violence of this kind

The following photos show damage from the mob attack on September 27, 2009




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