Flin Flon Concentrator

Hudbay’s primary ore concentrator in Manitoba is located in Flin Flon. The concentrator, which is directly adjacent to Hudbay’s metallurgical zinc plant, produces zinc and copper concentrates primarily from ore mined at the company’s 777 mine. Its capacity is approximately 6,000 tonnes of ore per day. The concentrator can handle ore from more than one mine separately, and blending is done at the grinding stage. As a result, ore mined from Hudbay’s Reed mine is transported to the Flin Flon concentrator for processing. The Flin Flon concentrator facility includes a paste backfill plant and associated infrastructure such as maintenance shops and laboratories. Tailings from the concentrator are pumped to the Flin Flon tailings impoundment immediately adjacent to the concentrator.

Zinc Plant

Hudbay’s zinc plant located in Flin Flon, Manitoba produces special high-grade zinc metal in three cast shapes from zinc concentrate. produced 107,946 tonnes of cast zinc in 2017 and the capacity of the zinc plant is approximately 115,000 tonnes of cast zinc per year Included in the zinc plant are an oxygen plant, a concentrate handling and storage facility, a zinc pressure leach plant, a solution purification plant, a modern electro-winning cellhouse, a casting plant and a zinc storage area with the ability to load trucks or rail cars. The zinc plant has a dedicated leach residue disposal facility. The bulk of the waste material is gypsum, iron and elemental sulphur. Wastewater is treated and recycled through the zinc plant.




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