The Rosemont project is located in a historic mining district

Mining infrastructure in the town of Helvetia 

Over a Century of Mining in Southern Arizona

In the early 1900’s southern Arizona was the leading producer of copper in the world. More than 100 years later, Rosemont is poised to continue the tradition of this historic home to mining. 

The Rosemont Project is located in the Helvetia-Rosemont Mining District, where mining activity dates back to 1875. The completion of the railroad to Tucson in 1880 sparked an increase in both ranching and mining activity in the area. Prospectors spent the following decades in search of mineral deposits while acquiring claims on both sides of the Santa Rita Mountains. The town of Helvetia was associated with at least 55 mines. Old Rosemont consisted of a smelter, 46 mines, and seven mill sites, and the town of New Rosemont was associated with the Narragansett mine.

Exploration and Drilling 

Extensive drilling was conducted at the site by several successive property owners, leading to the discovery of the Rosemont deposit.  

The most recent drilling from 2014 to 2015 helped to confirm the size and quality of the Rosemont deposit, as estimated by previous owners, and to establish the optimum open-pit design. For further information click here to refer to the NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Rosemont Project.

In Operation

The Rosemont site will include a processing plant and associated facilities, transmission lines for power and water, the pit, and waste rock and dry-stack tailings storage facilities.

Best Available Demonstrated Control Technologies (BADCT) will be the hallmark of Rosemont. These technologies will contribute to maximizing production while minimizing environmental impact. At Rosemont this will include the use of dry-stack tailings – a technology that significantly reduces water use and improves reclamation – along with leading-edge lighting designs to maintain dark skies, solar energy as a source of power, dust collectors with cartridge filters and trucks with Tier 4 engines to ensure compliance with air quality standards.

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